3 Tips For Dressing Up The Portable Toilets At Your Wedding


If you are going to be hosting an outdoor wedding, you might be thinking about renting portable toilets for your guests to use. However, even though you might understand the benefits of doing so, you might be worried that the portable toilets will look unsightly at your outdoor wedding venue. Luckily, this does not have to be the case.

1. Rent a Nicer Model

First of all, you should not assume that the only portable toilets that are available to you are the bright blue ones that are often seen at construction sites. Many companies that offer portable toilet rentals actually offer a couple of different options, including nicer, higher-end options. Even though you might pay a little more to rent one of these portable toilets, you should know that some of the nicer ones actually offer surprising amenities, such as mirrors and sinks. These can be a better option for a wedding.

2. "Hide" Them

Another option is to "hide" the portable toilets so that they aren't quite as obvious. After all, you probably want them to be readily available for when guests need them, but you may not want them to show up in all of your wedding photos. Putting them off at a bit of a distance away from your actual celebration, disguising them behind bushes or trees or otherwise putting them in a place where they aren't quite as obvious can be helpful. Just make sure that your guests are able to easily find them; you can let guests know when they arrive, or you can put up decorative signs that match your wedding theme and that put guests in the right direction.

3. Decorate Them

You are probably going to be decorating just about everything else at your wedding venue, so why not decorate the portable toilets as well? If you hang balloons, decorative signs or ribbons on your portable toilets, for example, you can at least make them look a little more festive. Just know that you may need to remove the decorations before the portable toilets are picked up, or you might be charged an extra fee.

As you can see, if you are concerned about portable toilets looking unsightly at your wedding, you do have options. Following these tips can help you ensure that the portable toilets that you rent are seen as a positive addition to your wedding, not a negative one. Then, you can help ensure that there are ample facilities for everyone. Visit a site like http://www.roadrunnerwastenm.com for more information.


16 May 2017

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