The Benefits Of Multiple Dumpsters For Sanitation In A Hospital


Hospitals that can accommodate hundreds, even thousands, of patients at a time produce tons of trash every year. Not all of it can go into the same dumpster either. Multiple dumpsters are needed to keep true trash from recyclables, and recyclables for hospital and medical waste. If your hospital is operating on a more frequent garbage pickup schedule and a garbage and recycling overflow, you may need more dumpsters and fewer pick-up visits. Here are some benefits of having numerous dumpsters for sanitation in your hospital:

There Is Always a Dumpster with Room

When you are attempting to operate with fewer dumpsters, your custodians and sanitation crews may find that they have no place to put one more bag of garbage or another broken-down cardboard box. The overflow constantly collects and sits, waiting for a dumpster to be emptied. Increasing garbage pick-up schedules is not the answer since this is often more expensive than getting more dumpsters delivered. If you have more dumpsters for sanitation and recycling, then you will always have a dumpster with enough room to accommodate more trash. A company like Tennessee Trash Service, L.L.C can help you to make sure you always have dumpster space. 

Medical Waste Is the Only Thing Going into Medical Waste Dumpsters

New custodial employees may try to bypass the restriction that ONLY medical waste goes into medical waste dumpsters. Instead, (despite your training efforts) they will attempt to drop other bags of garbage in with the medical waste when there are no other dumpsters available for regular trash. Short of installing video cameras to reinforce this rule, you can always order more regular trash dumpsters to avoid this problem. Also, visually check to make sure that only medical waste is going into the medical waste dumpsters and that these are locked up tight.

All Plastic Recycling Can Be Sorted by Number

Plastic recycling is divided by the various numbers and classifications. Most plastic containers with a two inside the recycling triangle symbol are safe to recycle. Other plastics have to be transported elsewhere, either to be safely disposed of or recycled apart from the number two plastics. Your hospital can make that entire process easier by getting a dumpster for EACH number type of plastic listed on a recycling chart. Your custodial crew can then dispose of the plastics according to the number on the containers and the labels placed on each of these extra dumpsters. Be sure you have at least two dumpsters for number two plastics since they are the most common and will fill up dumpsters the fastest.


8 June 2017

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