Answers To Questions About Common Septic System Issues


When your home must utilize a septic tank and system to dispose of the wastewater that the home is generating, homeowners will want to have a thorough understanding about these systems. Otherwise, there are some issues that may be greatly complicated due to the owner being uninformed about the underlying fundamentals when it concerns some routine septic system issues.

How Are The Waste Materials Broken Down In The Septic Tank?

In order to function, your septic system will have to be able to break down the various pieces of solid waste that enter it. These items will usually be broken down in the septic tank. While you may assume that the system would need moving components to tear and shred these items, it is possible for bacteria to be far more effective at this task. For this reason, you should take great care to avoid putting substances in the septic system that could be extremely harmful to the bacteria in the tank. This will typically involve avoiding pouring harsh cleaning agents down the rain as these substances can devastate the populations of useful bacteria.

What Is The Purpose Of The Drain Field?

You might assume that the water that drains from the septic tank will empty through a large drain. However, it is far more common for these systems to utilize expansive drain fields. These fields have elaborate networks of piping buried beneath the soil, and these pipes will release the water from the septic tank. It may seem unnecessary to have such a large field for this task, but this is a necessary option for reducing the amount of erosion that the septic system causes. If you have a single large drain, the force of the water exiting the drain could cause extreme erosion. In contrast, the network of pipes will be able to release the water in a more gradual and gentle manner so that erosion issues can be contained.

What Could Cause The Sides Of The Septic Tank To Crack Or Otherwise Fail?

One of the more serious problems that a septic tank can experience will be the sides of it becoming cracked or otherwise compromised. This can allow the wastewater to drain away in an uncontrolled manner. In addition to causing serious erosion, this can also lead to large sections of your property becoming contaminated with sewage water. Unfortunately, there are a great many potential causes for this problem. For example, the soil under the tank may have collapsed or washed away, which can lead to cracks forming in response to the weight of the tank being uneven.

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7 February 2018

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